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An Idea

An Idea
Alana - Tue Dec 21, 2010 @ 06:01AM
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So I just had a "brainwave" which doesn't happen often. And I think this is actually quite a good idea, and would work well and may even encourage people to "buy from Foo" which is sometimes a good thing.

My Idea

Well you know user run shelters, for example "Old Foo's Rescues" well I was thinking maybe Foo could offer for $3-$5 per month (the same as Club Foo used to be, or maybe it should be a bit more, they will get better things!) but for this price a User would have there account become an official Shelter and they would get a nice shiny badge.

What would they get?

  • 10 FooDollars for everyday they Log in.
  •  Bonus 300 FooDollars every month, then they can rescue one of the Expensive Pets. 
  •   1 Free shelter pet of their choice every 30 Days. 
  •   Be able to "gift" pets. This would be good as Shelters are supposed to be "non-profit" so the shelter would earn no money here. And they should also be able to receive pets free of charge, so then the pets don't have to go to the real shelter 
  •   Instead of a Sale, they have a donation page, where people can donate FooGems and FooDollars (Tax-Free) to go towards saving other pets.
  •   Access to a special members only Forum, where they and other Official Shelters can work together and help out each other so as to rescue as many pets each month.
  •   A counter next to their name on their profile to say how many pets they have successfully rescued and re-homed. (The counter would be split in two so both figures could be shown).
  •   Unlimited pets, and unlimited Food, Water and Flea med, they are a shelter after all.

And another possible thing would be...

  •   It says on their profile how many FooDollars and FooGems they have been given, with top 5 people who have donated, I think that would be a nice little incentive to donate.
  •   Or you can become a Volunteer for that shelter, your name is then featured on the Profile Automatically (or the friends list could become the Volunteers list??) When you are a volunteer you could do things like raise money and advertise.

So their is my little idea, I think I might submit it to Foo.
Edit: I have submitted it :)

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