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We have moved,

Hiya, welcome to my site. It's pretty new, and it's all shiny and stuff :)

Here I am going to have my little blog, which will go on about Foo and whatnot and have my opinion - which by the way you can not like and tell me why. I may post about things non Foo related from time to time. 

I will also have some members only forums where you can (for free) write stories, have a good old chit chat, voice your opinions, and role play with pictures, if I can figure out how to let the forums accept images. (I think you may just have to use the HTML code, I'm not sure).  

Thanks for visiting :)

Right now Doodle isn't being very nice and is saying No users can join till the site ages :(

Please ignore the little sign that says, "Cash Advance Payday Loan" It's a little advert that I can't seem to get rid of :(
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